Barriers to Life

Barriers To Life

A Plymouth City College project to help encourage and commend the development of further education staff in understanding barriers to learner inclusion.

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Understanding the difficulties students face when learning is crucial to their future.

We spend all day every day sinking our teeth into all things digital, so we know more than most how easy it is to take the online world for granted.  But what happens when digital doesn’t come so naturally to you? Or you find your mental health affected by the online world?  It makes life – and learning – so much more difficult. That’s why we were chuffed to hear about Plymouth City College’s ‘Life’ Project. 

The project, funded by the Department of Education, is all about teaching teachers to better understand what might be stopping a student from learning to their very best ability.  Providing training and resources for further education staff to support students in overcoming barriers to learning, whatever they may be.  Covering Devon and Cornwall and supporting local kids to achieve better outcomes – this is our kind of project.

There was no website previously in place for this project, so we had free reign on the design, look and feel of the site. What we’ve tried to do is make the site as engaging as possible – as if people don’t visit regularly, the resource won’t have the impact that we want it to. Take a look, and let us know what you think.