Facebook Training

Facebook Training


Want to master Facebook advertising? Reach more people organically? Have more engagement, website traffic and enquiries? We’re here to help…

We help Facebook pages of all sizes achieve growth and engagement

We’ve worked with Facebook pages of all sizes, helping them to reach more people, grow engaged communities of followers that buy and book. We also navigate businesses through the ever-changing and evolving world of Facebook advertising, enabling them to use this strategically and tactically to increase reach, bookings and enquiries throughout the year.

Bespoke training that is built around your needs

We provide half day training sessions that are built around your current learning level and the goals of your business – we’ll have a chat with you in advance to understand what you’re wanting to achieve, along with how much you currently know. From there we’ll then build a session that gets you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Delivered by one of the region’s experts in digital marketing

All of our training sessions are led by MiHi Digital director Mark Worden. He has been specialising in digital marketing for more than 14 years, with his work picking up two national awards for innovation and shortlisted for more than 10 others. Having set up his own business seven years ago, he has worked across in excess of 100 industry sectors, gaining results for clients of all sizes.