From internet and broadband to WiFi and CCTV.

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Working with connectivity experts in their field

We love working with people that love what they do and are good at doing it. That’s Henry at Countrifi Networks. If you spare a moment to think about how annoying it would be to have a poor internet connection – for your business or at your home – it’s Countrifi that can find a solution. No matter if it’s a country show or a remote office, it’s what they do, along with CCTV and security systems (both of which need a good connection!).

And what did we do for them? They originally had a self-built Wix site. We moved them over to something that looked better, was easier to update and will go on to reach a lot more people. We also moved them out of Wix, along with their emails, so they now have full control of everything. Just how they wanted it to be.