Launcells Barton

Launcells Barton

We've built a new website for a beautiful wedding venue that offers the perfect combination of coast and countryside.

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Making the most of large imagery and encouraging more couples to visit their dream wedding venue.

Launcells Barton already had a strong brand put in place by their graphic designer. Our job on this site was one of evolution not revolution; building on the branding that had stood them in good stead in the past, whilst making everything a little more visual. This really is a breathtaking place so we wanted the images to be larger, both in size and in volume across the site.

We’ve also introduced a few tweaks in terms of conversion, as well and making the website itself a lot easier for them to update. It is also benefiting from our unique SEO services we include with every website design project, so more and more couples will be able to see what Launcells has to offer as soon as the groom gets down on one knee (although it’s a leap year so you never know!).

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