Ogy1 Pasties

Living in this part of the world it would be wrong if we didn't enjoy a good pasty! We've been working with Ogy1 to make sure more people can enjoy theirs!

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Starting to sell pasties online.

When we think of Cornwall we think of those iconic tin mines dotting the coastline, the enthusiastic surfers battling for wave space and yep, the humble pasty!

Sitting on the border between Devon and Cornwall, we’ve travelled far and wide in our hunt for the perfect pasty and the folks at Ogy1 have absolutely nailed it! Hand-making their pasties day in, day out alongside a whole host of other tasty treats, Ogy1’s delicious Cornish snacks make their way across the country as well as into their four shops in Cornwall – there’s always an OGY1 pasty close by!

Working on a site to showcase the Westcountry’s best loved snack was no chore…