SB Claims

SB Claims

Award winning, qualified, regulated and fully insured personal injury and medical negligence solicitors that you can trust!

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A dedicated compensation claim website for award winning lawyers, Slee Blackwell Solicitors.

‘Have you had an accident at work?’ We’ve all seen those adverts. We’ve all groaned along as the boom in accident management companies thrust their services at us, hoping to catch a bite. All the while knowing that if something looks too good to be true, it absolutely is.

The team at Slee Blackwell agree. Which is why they poured their century worth of experience into creating SB Claims – an award winning injury and medical negligence service, backed by one of the South West legal services biggest, most trusted names. If you’re going to pursue a compensation claim, the journey could be long, arduous and involved and you want a team of heavy hitters like Slee Blackwell behind you.

Of course, in real life any number of accidents can happen, which is why this site is built to grow and expand over time to cover support for even more claim types.