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Simon Burt

Simon Burt is one of the region’s most experienced and popular photographers. He specialises in shooting holiday accommodation, as well as delicious food and drink!

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Keeping things simple - it's a photography site for a great photorapher so it's all about... the photos!

When you’re doing a photography site you want to let the photos do the talking, so that’s exactly what we have done! Clear, clean, simple and white; we want all of the attention on the photos. We also know that the internet can be a place where photos are sometimes ‘borrowed’ from sources that they perhaps shouldn’t be; in order to protect the client photos Simon has on his site, you’ll find there’s no right click facility, stopping people from easily downloading them. Along with the site we’ve also helped Simon transfer his domain and hosting away from the old supplier and into his own name – exactly where it should be!

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