Tredudwell Manor

Tredudwell Manor

An exquisite 18th century country manor house wedding venue with breathtaking views of Cornwall’s stunning countryside.

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A new site for a family-run business that is ready to dedicate their time to giving you your perfect day.

Tredudwell Manor’s 200+ years of family history shines through for every guest, bride and groom, and that is what makes this venue so perfect. The Estate has been passed down from generation to generation, which gives all involved a sense of purpose and responsibility! The family brought MiHi in to help bring Tredudwells marketing and website in line with the beauty of the venue and its services and we did just that!

We have built a website to boost visits, encourage bookings and show the beauty of the venue. As with all our new websites, we took the time to train the family on how to use the tools we provided and keep their waiting list full!