Trengove Farm

Trengove Farm

Surround yourself with a sea of spring daffodils on this working farm

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Extending our holiday cottage expertise to Portreath

Want to know a quirky fact about Trengove Farm? Over the years, you may well have had your very own slice of it in your home! Why? They produce more than 15 million daffodils each year, destined for supermarkets across the country. They also happen to have some rather lovely holiday cottages, which is where we came in! We first met the family through Cornish Farm Holiday, for whom we built a member website. 

They wanted to refresh their site, make it easier to update and also work with someone they knew they could rely on as and when they needed them. We’ve delivered on all of those features, with potential guests loving it too; page views are up 50%, the amount of pages per visit are up 40% and people are spending 30% more time on the site each time they visit.