Will Churchill

Will Churchill

Will is a talented Director of Photography working with international brands including Coca Cola, Birdseye and Range Rover, as well as on popular television programmes with Joanna Lumley and Ross Kemp.

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A modern and visual design highlighting a wide range of videos, equipment and expertise.

Television and film is the ultimate visual industry so we wanted to extend this to his website, ensuring that it was crisp and clean we usually do, but also making sure it was modern and included a little creative edge.

We’ve highlighted his showreels throughout the design, as well as his experience and impressive client list in each of his specialist areas. When it came to the project itself we looked after all of the technical bits for him, ensuring that all he needed to do was focus on finishing his latest set of showreels. This is a big part of our projects; making life as easy as possible for our clients, and we’re sure the results will speak for themselves when you visit his site.

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