Wolf Valley Wilderness

Wolf Valley Wilderness

These secluded lakeside cabins make the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, allowing you to relax & unwind in nature.

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MiHi branches out into 40 acres of secluded woodland

It doesn’t get much more local to MiHi than Wolf Valley Wilderness, who are just a stones throw away from MiHi HQ! So when they approached us to build and launch a website for their brand new venture, we knew this would be a fantastic project to work on – not just because of our years of expertise in the world of tourism, but because they’re a fantastic business right on our doorstep…

The new website features a live availability tracker and online booking system whilst being steeped in high-quality imagery and video footage to show off the secluded, natural haven that both ‘Treetops’ and ‘Lakeside’ accommodation properties sit within.