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10 Reasons You Should be Using Email Marketing

10 Reasons You Should be Using Email Marketing

Your marketplace is massive

There are 3.6 billion email accounts in the world!
There will be 4.6 billion email accounts by the end of 2016!
96% of your customers will have an email account!

Your customers want to hear from you!

77% of people prefer receiving email to other forms of communication such as telephone!
44% of people made a purchase as a result of a promotional email in the last year!
82% of people open emails from company’s they know!

What’s in a subject line!

33% open an email based on the subject line alone!
64% say it impacts whether they open it or not!
Emails with subject lines 10 characters long are opened 58% more!
If you can personalise your subject line it can increase open rates by 22%!
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