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A few tips for blogging success

What makes a good blog article?  It can be many things – it can be useful, funny, informative …

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How long should a blog article be?

There are a few questions we get asked quite a lot and what we try to do is …

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When is the best time to publish a blog article – is there an optimal content publication time?

Much thought is often given to when to send an email marketing campaign; rightly so as the time …

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Google Authorship – what is it and how can it aid your search engine click through rates

When you’ve been using Google to search recently have you noticed anything different? Have a think? How about …

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Blog posts with imagery gain 96% more clicks

Statistics have shown that blog articles with a photo or some form of image can gain anything up …

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Welcome to the first MiHi blog post!

Wow – our first blog post! Lets start by saying thanks for visiting this blog and the Mihi …

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