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Business in Devon and Cornwall wanting your website traffic to look like this?

A key determinant to the success of any business is that people know you exist. Anybody that has …

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Content Marketing

Seven Tips for Businesses in Devon and Cornwall looking to market their business online

So you want to take your online marketing to the next level? You know that an ever increasing …

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Taking the principals of marketing and applying them to the internet

Anyone that has taken a marketing course, worked with a marketer or generally knows about the basic principals …

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Online Marketing – What are you trying to achieve?

Understanding what you are trying to achieve and having a plan in place gives you a focus and …

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Mobile Apps – An evolving market in which adding value is key to avoiding the cull

I am a firm believer that the way we download mobile phone Apps has evolved, grown and changed …

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Why a great website is so critical to a company’s online presence

There are many different aspects to online marketing; social media, pay per click advertising and search engine optimisation …

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Times they are changing! How do you interact with information throughout the hours of the day?

Times they are a changing.  I recently attended a conference at which the Head of Mobile at The …

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How to make sure your content is a success for visitors and for search engines

The World Wide Web is a buzz with the sound of content marketing.  But with the Internet awash …

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Getting a new website – a few things you should be considering

So you’re looking to get a new website to replace your existing site.  Great news! To make sure …

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