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Five features your business SHOULD be using to maximise Instagram performance

In April 2021, Instagram had over 32 million active users across the United Kingdom. That is an enormous …

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How do you establish if PPC advertising is right for your business

Pay Per Click advertising can be a powerful tool in the online armoury of businesses of all sizes. …

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Six ways local businesses can use Pay Per Click Advertising

So it’s the evening after a long day at work, perhaps even a long week at work.  You …

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Twitter announces extension of geo-targeting options for Twitter Advertising

If there was one thing that really annoyed us about Twitter advertising it was the lack of geo-targeting …

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Yeo Valley – Full of the sounds of the farm

Yeo Valley is no stranger to organic dairy products but when the family farm broadened their advertising horizons …

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Are constant Google fluctuations causing a potential renaissance in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

If you have spent money on search engine optimisation or have spent a long time trying to increase …

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What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google?

If you open up another Internet browser window and go to Google, have a search for the term …

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