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How do you filter out your own visits in Google Analytics?

How often do you visit your own website? The person that visits your website more often than anyone …

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Instructions for setting up Google Analytics on your website – 10 steps to a world of online information

Do you already have a Google Account? If you don’t do a Google search for “Google Account” and …

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Google Analytics – Why wouldn’t you use it?

If your website doesn’t have Google Analytics do you know what you are missing?  The answer is perhaps …

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What is a Google bounce rate and when is a bounce rate really a negative bounce rate?

Google describe a website bounce as a “the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting …

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Do you know where your customers are coming from and do you have the right reporting in place?

Many a marketer will tell you a lot of marketing is intangible. In some respects they are right. …

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