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Creating great video content – how long should your video be?

The answer many may give you is how long is a piece of string? A valid answer, as …

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Success with viral: Jog on kitties! Cats with opposable thumbs

“Why do cats stare when you are pouring milk?” The sheer number of us that will have seen …

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Getting the right balance of content

Having relevant and recent content for visitors is vital, but have you ever thought about the balance of …

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Are your videos optimised for Google and does your site have a video site map?

Google uses a completely different index for video than it does for web pages.  The upshot of this …

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Somersby Cider gives a new perspective on an Apple launch

Sometimes a company completely nails a spoof advertising campaign.  Somersby Cider achieved this when they launched their spoof …

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Microsoft pull spoof Apple advert from YouTube hours after launch

When successful, viral marketing can be an incredibly useful tool for a brand, particularly through social media channels.  …

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