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4 myths about WordPress themes

4 myths about WordPress themes

Many businesses of all sizes will have a WordPress website; if you’re wondering how many, then it’s estimated that as much as 40% of sites across the internet are now built in the popular content management system. So why are they using it? It’s easy to update and maintain for the business owner, Google loves it – also good for that business owner, and it is constantly evolving and improving. That’s three big ticks in some pretty important boxes if you’re currently thinking of having a new website.
Wordpress themes come hand-in-hand with WordPress, and also come with some common misunderstandings and misconceptions. Let’s explain exactly what they are, and put some of those common myths to bed for 2017.

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is basically a demonstration site that is fully built for you and is then able to be adapted for your own business purposes. It is not a template – it is a theme. The reason we emphasise that point is that it gives you the styling and feel of a site, and after you have that theme running on your own website, it is completely up to you as to what you do with it.
Everything from layout through to font types, positioning and colours are able to be changed. You don’t simply put your content into the site so it looks like every other website; you use the starting blocks that they’ve given you and customise it so it is your own unique version.

Why would you use one?

Two main reasons; themes are built by brilliant designers so they create awesome designs. With that in mind, themes (when you get the right one) will look great and also save a lot of time, which leads us on to the next point; the money. Using a WordPress theme means that the site doesn’t need to be built from absolute scratch. In terms of costing, that’s why your web designer can offer you a website that is just £1,500 + VAT rather than £5 – 6,000 + VAT, which is likely to be the average cost difference between a theme and building what you see in that theme from scratch.

Common Myths

Will your site look like everybody else’s?

Absolutely not – we could show you two sites built with the same theme and you’d have no clue that it had started from the same files. We have our own style and way of doing things that we know works for businesses, so you’ll find that we could build a site with the same theme as someone down the road, but it would look completely different. The likelihood of us ever building a site that looks like someone else’s is very, very remote.

Aren’t there limits to what you can do with a WordPress Theme?

Everything within a theme is customisable – so the options for the end product are boundless. People are never restricted by what the theme can do – only what they know how to do. We customise themes sometimes beyond recognition, and there’s nothing our developer can’t do!

Don’t WordPress themes run slower?

No they don’t – they run as quickly as any other site. The only thing that slows sites down when it comes to WordPress are too many plugins (that’s a user installing too many rather than the theme running them in most cases), the hosting is poor or the images are too large. All of those are solvable issues, but none of them are the theme’s fault.

But a theme can’t be updated?

Themes can be updated and when it comes to your next refresh several years down the line it is again far more cost effective to update your theme and move the content in than to start from scratch.
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