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Anki Drive – how Scalextric has moved on!

Anki Drive – how Scalextric has moved on!

Go back to the 80’s or even the early 90’s – yep that’s right, you remember!

Scalextric and the Sega Mega Drive were the central axis of many a young child, keeping them entertained for hours, weekends, months on even years on end.

How times have changed.

I tuned into some of the recent Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and was fascinated and excited to see the advancements being made with artificial intelligence and the applications we can see this being used in today, combined with the potential applications for it in the future.

On display were a company that had been developing its artificial intelligence for more than five years.  There name was the Anki Drive and they gave an apt display of how busy they have been over the years, bringing artificial intelligence to toy cars.

Here is there presentation which is definitely worth a watch:

I am sure you will agree – certainly a step up from old Scalextric set!

The future holds a realm of opportunities and applications for this sort of technology, potentially touching every facet of our lives.

Now we just have to wait!

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