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Benefits of Adding Regular Content: Extending your search Tail

Benefits of Adding Regular Content: Extending your search Tail

Adding regular content to your website takes time and effort.
You want to know that what it is you’re doing is right and that it’s going to be benefiting you and your business.
Here’s one way adding great content to your website will benefit your business.

Novels or fliers – which will rank more in Google?

The average novel consists of 60,000 – 80,000 words.
The average one page business flier is made up of around 200 – 300 words.
Which do you think would rank for more key phrases in a search engine?
The answer is of course that the item with more content will rank for a larger number of phrases.  It has more words, more content, more areas covered; it’s richer in variety and diversity than the flier.
Throw that forward to your website….
Is your website a novel; a rich tapestry of content for your visitors to enjoy, or a one page flier which was last updated so long ago you can’t remember what month or even year it was last reviewed?
By adding content to your site you’re extending what is known as your search engine tail.
So what comes of having a long search engine tail, of ranking for more and more key phrases?
The simple answer is increased visibility.  The more phrases and areas you rank for the higher the likelihood your site will appear when someone is searching for that phrase or topic area.
Lets give you an example.

Hotels and Events

If you’re a hotel in a certain part of the country or the world then the likelihood is you’ll be setting your website stool up to rank for key phrases that get a lot of searches each month.
That makes sense; find out what people search for in large volume, get to a position where you rank well for it and get the business that derives from it!
But there are more opportunities to be had for you.
What happens if you’ve been blogging about an upcoming event in that location, one that people are likely to be looking for accommodation for?
What’s the impact of that content creation?
When done well, if someone goes to Google that event you’ll start to appear in search listings for it because you’re adding content of value around it.
If they’re already planning to go to the event and they’re looking to stay in the area you’re now getting exposure with engaged potential customers away from your competitors.
And the best thing about it?
It’s a lot less competitive in terms of ranking.
Niche phrases and long term searches (those that include several words) often bring highly engaged traffic and give you an opportunity to develop a brand interaction that otherwise wouldn’t have existed had you not created the content!
So what are you waiting for? Time to go write that content and reap the benefits of your long search engine tail!
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