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Blog posts with imagery gain 96% more clicks

Blog posts with imagery gain 96% more clicks

Statistics have shown that blog articles with a photo or some form of image can gain anything up to 96% more clicks than those without.

So take a look at your blog and tell us what you see.

Is it reams after reams of solid text?  Can you expect your visitors to read all of that text and also put yourself in their shoes, would you read all of that raw information if you visited their website?

Even if you are using imagery is it right?  Does it add value to what you are posting about or has it been hastily purchased from the first page of an istockphoto or shutterstock search?

Photography or imagery to go with a blog post can often become an afterthought; we are all busy and it can be difficult having found or made an hour to write a blog post to then spend time creating or sourcing the right photo or design to go with your text.

We would say that although it takes a little more time to get it right it makes or breaks the time spent writing your post. Having written it you want people to engage with it and that is what photography will help you do.

A blog post also shouldn’t just be written because you think it’s something that you should be doing; it should add value to your visitors and be something that they are interested in reading about.

As we said at the start, blog articles with images can gain anything up to twice the amount of clicks.  The benefit is clear; drive engagement and make sure that they don’t miss something that they may be interested in by adding a photo to your post.

Catch your visitor’s eye.  There would be nothing sadder than writing an interesting post that is then missed.

Also bear in mind that this should not only be related to your blog but also across your entire website.  Is the imagery that you use reflective of your brand? Does it do your products and services justice?

The old adage still remains that a picture speaks a thousand words.  Ok, so it might not be a thousand on the internet but having the balance and quality of content and imagery is vital.

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