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Business in Devon and Cornwall wanting your website traffic to look like this?

Business in Devon and Cornwall wanting your website traffic to look like this?

A key determinant to the success of any business is that people know you exist.
Anybody that has been on one of my training courses will know a phrase that I use a lot is “nobody will buy from a business they don’t know is there.”
The internet, online marketing and social media gives us the opportunity to reach more people.  To make sure the people that need to know about our business do.
Again, they might not be making the buying decision right now but when they come to make it you want to be in their mind.
Visibility is key.
For those that don’t know us well or are not regular readers of our blog, I set up MiHi Digital a little over six months ago.
The vision that I had for the business was, having spent six years specialising in online marketing at large regional companies, to help more and more businesses across Devon and Cornwall reach their online potential.
To do that I needed to make sure that people knew we were here!
No different to any other business, we needed to make sure businesses knew what we had to offer, what it is we do, where we fit in with their business and from that what value we added.
How are we doing in making sure people know we’re here?
Our website traffic has increased by 500% in five months, growing at a rate between 50% and 150% month on month.
How have we done that?  That traffic is coming from every area; search engines, social media, other website, other blogs.
And it’s still growing.
The thing that I’ve always thought as a consultant is that if you can’t do it for your own business how can anyone buy in to the fact you’ll be able to do it for theirs.
With that I try to be as open as possible when telling people about what it is we’re doing.
*MiHi Digital website traffic stats for Q1 2014 vs Q4 2013
So, if you’re a business based in Devon or Cornwall and would like your website figures looking like these then why not give us a call? We regularly speak with a range of businesses on all areas of online marketing and those conversations are completely obligation free.
Got a question? Let us answer it for you.  Call 01566 785860 or email

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