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What can you use Twitter for?

What can you use Twitter for?

Twitter can be used for a multitude of different ways to benefit your business.  We take a look at just a few you should or might already be considering…

You can build dialogue with your customers or potential customers

Think back to the days before social media.  If you sold services or goods that did not require regular and repeated procurement then you’d quite often only hear from your customers during the sale, with large periods of time before you hear from them again.

Along came relationship marketing.  This viewed sporadic sales contact with a customer as ‘transactional’ and looked to build various contacts points through direct mail, email marketing etc in order to build an ongoing ‘relationship’ with that very same person.

Then came social media; game changer.

You can now speak to your customers any day of the week; get feedback on their experiences, what they are looking for and join in the conversation.

Now if someone has a great or bad experience more people will know about it but you can also respond at a rate of speed previously unheard of.

It can extend your online reach

Quite simply you can reach people you previously wouldn’t have been able to.  An email campaign is competing with umpteen other emails, a tweet to a person can pierce through the noise like other forms of marketing can’t.

The element of re-tweeting can extend your reach beyond your current marketing reach and in the case of Facebook, a like can put you in front of a captive audience in the form of peers of your current customers who are likely to have similar interests and tastes.

You can monitor what your customers are doing and saying

As we covered in our first point, you are closer than ever to your customers.  You can emphasise their good experiences, address their not so good and find out more about what makes them tick and drives their purchase decisions.

You can promote business associates and customers as well as yourself

If you work in a business to business context then a great asset of social media is triumphing and promoting your own clients. It can create a good will feeling and strengthen the relationship you have with your clients.

Remember, social media isn’t all about you, join in the conversation and share other people’s victories.

You can promote sales promotions, latest successes etc

If you do have a sales promotion or an award win you can use social media to further promote and generate interest.  If it’s a deal worth having it will and should spread quickly!

Gives your business a more personal touch

People buy from people and no more so in the South West.  Social media gives you a voice, a business voice.  With the majority of businesses in the region being relatively small a large bonus of social media activity is that you are also likely to be talking directly to the business owner which is of particular interest if you are a B2B business.

Opportunities to see

Any digital strategy should look at how you can build, integrate and generate contact points with a targeted stakeholder group.  Social media is another vital contact point with your customers and can be effective in reinforcing purchase decisions.

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