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Checking your search competition

Checking your search competition

Online marketing is competitive.

No matter what the industry, your customers are likely to be comparing you directly against your competitors and with your website being the largest single resource on your services and products, they’ll be looking at this to support their buying decision.

What many people will do during the course of the year is take a look at the websites that they perceive to be their competition but these observations will be limited to the deals they are adding to their website, any changes they are making, prices they are cutting or generally what they are up to as a business.

Do you ever look at their search engine rankings against yours or what it is they are attempting to rank for?

If not then you’re potentially missing out on developing a competitive advantage.

If they’re your competitor offline they’re likely to be your competitor in search engines.

You’ll want to rank higher than them, to put yourself in front of the customer first.

Looking at the type of content they are generating, the page title of their pages (the words found in the top tab of your browser window) and their search engine positions will give you an idea of what it is they are trying to rank for and what it is they actually rank for.

With this will come opportunities to build on where they don’t rank and to develop more content surrounding areas that they do.

Like all of the business decisions you take you’ll want your online decision making to be supported by as much information as possible.

So go on; take a look at what they are trying to do and work out how you can compete!

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