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Christmas Statistics – Online Shopping Continues to Soar

Christmas Statistics – Online Shopping Continues to Soar

With us all frantically buying Christmas presents we thought it would be a good day to share some of the incredible figures that online retailers achieve over the Christmas period…

  • An estimated 84 million visits are made to retail sites on Christmas Eve (972 per second)
  • Once the turkey is eaten and the presents are opened an estimated 107 million of us will make a visit to an online retailer (1,238 per second)
  • Boxing day, the traditional day for sales shopping, sees the largest day for online retail with a massive 113 million visits.  This accounts for 1,308 per second and 4.7 million every hour!
  • Amazon has leapfrogged eBay as the most visited site during the Christmas period, raking in approximately 12% of visitor market share.  That means an estimated 36.5 million visitors will visit the Amazon website over three days, accounting for 141 visits per second!
  • Despite Amazon’s impressive figures the Next Sale continues to be the most popular searched for sale on Google
  • More than one in three visits made to retails sites over the Christmas period now come from a mobile.

So where will you be doing your shopping?  Is it online or the high street, or a combination of both? Does it depend on price? Are your purchases and visits made from your mobile device?

We’d love to hear! Have a very merry Christmas!

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