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Content marketing – The top five benefits of adding content

Content marketing – The top five benefits of adding content

If you’re a small business owner then there are categorically never enough hours in the day. What that means to us is that when we’re advising other business owners we need to make sure that what we’re suggesting is going to deliver results in the time they are able to devote to that activity.
So, think about the time it takes to write a good blog post. For the more fleet of finger you might be able to type one up quickly in twenty minutes, but what if you need photos? What if some research needs to be carried out?
Our point is that creating content for your website takes time. You want to know that when you do it you’re going to see the benefits of that time, otherwise you’ll need to spend it where elsewhere.
Here’s our top five benefits you’ll get from spending just a little time to regularly add new and interesting content to your site:

You’ll rank for a wider range of search terms

It’s a fact that the more you write the more potential search terms Google will rank you for. It stands to reason; if you’re blogging about 10 different topics then you’ll rank for more phrases than if you have a single page about one.
The upshot is you’ll be gaining from greater search engine reach and visibility

Increases the chances of people sharing your content and linking to your website

Don’t be fooled. Links from other sites still play an important part in Google’s algorithm and you’ll rank better if people naturally share and link to your content.
What’s going to make them share and link to it?
Great content that has value; this is that ‘content marketing’ thing you’ll have heard everyone talking about!
Make good content and it’ll get shared. You’ll extend reach and gain natural links back to your site, which in turn will aid your rankings.

Increases the chances that people are going to return to your website – would you go back if it was always the same?

Repeat traffic is valuable. The more someone visits your site the more brand exposure they are gaining and the more likely they are, when reaching the decision making phase of a buying decision, to choose you.
What keeps them coming back? Regular content, updates and new items of interest.
Keep it up to date; if it looks like your site was last updated in preparation for a Y2K meltdown at the turn of the millennium then why would someone ever want or need to come back?

Creates brand exposure you may not have had otherwise

Someone is on your site for a reason. If that reason is through Google and they’ve landed on one of your articles because you’ve increased your search engine reach by blogging then that’s a new person that otherwise wouldn’t have known about or visited your website.
If you’ve shared the content through social media and people have shown enough interest to click on the link then they are again there because you’ve created the content.
If it wasn’t there they wouldn’t be.

It’s social media fodder

We’ve almost touched on this above but social media success is about sharing, engaging and building dialogue. Having interesting content that is of value and can be shared on social media in your back pocket will benefit you on Twitter and on Facebook.
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