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21 types of content we all crave

21 types of content we all crave

Social media is made up of all different types of content created to appeal to every type of person imaginable. From entertaining, light and funny content to news stories and newsletters, there is a huge variety of content online which different people engage with.
We’ve managed to gather 21 different types of content and we have grouped them into six categories so you can easily pick what content to use dependent on your audience.


Video– whether they are entertaining or educational, short videos which are about 1 minute long engage a lot of people due to their “snackable” nature – short, sharp bursts of content.
Light and funny – it doesn’t always have to be business! Laughter lightens the mood and keeps people happy!
Photos – from memes to photos of your working day, a snapshot of your day-to-day life shows a bit of businesses personalities, and people like to engage with people rather than faceless companies.


Quotes – quotes are all over social media right now and for good reason. Whether it’s the mantra your company abides by, or something you believe in which is still appropriate for your business, like-minded people will engage with your business because of that.
Personal stories – everyone loves a rags-to-riches story, so why not include some of your own stories? Whether it’s about how you started from the bottom and got to where you are today, or a new development has occurred within your business, share it with your followers!
Facts and trivia – did you know MiHi Digital won their 200th client last week? Little facts and trivia about your business will inspire people to engage with you.


Tips and tricks – a little bit of free advice goes a long way. Whether it’s in the form of a video, blog post or series of images, if you can impart a little bit of knowledge to your followers, they will want to know a bit more.
News – social media platforms like Twitter are designed so that users can get information and news as it happens. Staying up to date with relevant news stories can keep you in those conversations with like-minded users who you may not have engaged with before.
Industry news and research – the entire industry will have an effect on your business, so keeping up to date and updating everyone else on the latest news will show you’re definitely in the know.


Newsletter – there’s a limit to the amount of information you can post on social media, especially on Twitter. People like to get updates of the what’s happening at your business this month, so a monthly e-newsletter will start those conversations and engage those people with your business.
Recipes – this one is mainly applicable if your business is food-related, but other businesses can use it too! Recipes keep you top-of-mind, even if you don’t sell food-related products.
Q&A – ‘Twitter chats’ or Q&As are the easiest way to start a conversation with your following. By either selecting an allotted time, or through a personal hashtag, you can answer any questions your followers might have as well as promote your business further.
Advice – need advice on something? Ask your followers! Showing that you need them as well as them needing you is a great way to build rapport with your customers.


Milestones – everyone likes to see small businesses succeed, so make sure you shout about your milestones as loud as you can! It’s okay to tell the world about your business benchmarks, success sells!
Key recognition or appreciation – whether appreciation of a colleague or another business your working with, share those accomplishments with the world.
Behind the scenes – photos of your daily working life gives a bit of personality to your business; so share a snap or two!
Blog – blogs are the easiest ways to connect to user on social media because you can write a blog post on almost anything, as long as it’s related to your business. Whether it’s about work you have done recently or the state of play of your sector nationally, linking your blogs to your social media is always a good idea.
Other people’s content – similar to showing appreciation, sharing other people’s content will make your timeline a bit more varied, and show your awareness of other great businesses in the area.
Pinterest – for those who don’t know, Pinterest is a social media platform where you can create boards of images which interest you, or infographics of things that you might find useful. Having your own Pinterest account is a great way to start a conversation with your followers, as you will be able to share your business’s similar interests with your followers.


Incentives – whether it’s some freebies or money off your products, incentives are a great way to get your followers to share your posts.
Giveaways – everyone loves free stuff, and giveaways are a perfect way to give back to your loyal following. It’s also a great way for people to sample your product, like it, and come back and buy more. It’s a win-win situation!

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