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Creating great video content – how long should your video be?

Creating great video content – how long should your video be?

The answer many may give you is how long is a piece of string? A valid answer, as long as the piece of string isn’t too long!

Different videos will be serving different purposes for your company and there does need to be some discretion as to how long your video is.  For example if I were doing a video tutorial on how to set up Google Analytics then the video is going to be the length of time needed for me to succinctly (and this is an important part) tell the user how to do this.

Alternatively, if you are setting up a YouTube advertising campaign which will run before people watch their chosen video then you are going to be aiming at 10 – 20 seconds of attention grabbing footage.

But back to that piece of string…

There is no worse feeling for a visitor than watching a video online, glancing down at the progress bar of how far they are through the video and seeing that they are around 20% through a company monologue.

Make sure that you get across what you need to as succinctly as possible.

You can give a lot of information in 90 seconds and a whole lot more in three minutes.  As a rule of thumb your video should be within these two parameters and probably closer to the lower figure.

Once you have uploaded your video continue to monitor how many of your visitors are making it through to the end of your video.  If they aren’t making it to the end then how far are they watching?

These figures will tell you if your video is too long, not relevant or just not engaging with your visitors.

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