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Getting a new website – a few things you should be considering

Getting a new website – a few things you should be considering

So you’re looking to get a new website to replace your existing site.  Great news! To make sure it’s as great as you want it to be and does exactly what you want it to do here are just a few things that you should be thinking about…

What are the goals of your website? Make sure you understand what you want from the start

Your website should be adding value to your business. This can be in many different ways but in terms of getting the most from your site you need to know what it is achieving and what you want it to achieve.

Is it a source of information for potential or current customers? Is your goal to increase your reach and to generate enquiries? Is it to allow clients access to information from a secure login portal? Is it to address issues that you have with your existing site?

Understanding what it is you want from your website at the outset will be the key to fulfilling those goals at project completion. Don’t worry if you don’t have a long list of things you want it to do; as long as you know where it fits in to your business and marketing strategy then you will already be heading down the right track.

Who is it for?

We have touched on this slightly above, but to expand, who is it that uses your site and what is it that they are looking to gain? This should be a major driver in your decision making of what it is you want your website to achieve. Give visitors what they want.

If you already have a website and you can see that certain bits of information or pages are more popular than others then keep them and build upon them.

Giving people visiting your site what they are looking for will be a key to achieving your goals.

Remember it is about the visitor and not you

As we have said above, ensuring you understand what your visitors are after is vitally important. It can often be tricky identifying what it is you think your visitors actually want and what it is you think they want. Site structuring and page structuring should both be focussed on delivering what your customers want in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Take a look at your competitors

Are they doing anything that you really aspire to? Or anything that you would want to avoid? What perception does their website give you of them? Does that match real life views of their services or products?

Making sure that your website is in line with your company marketplace positioning is key – it must portray what you are about. If you could write what your brand is about in five words your website should portray these core values.

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