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Getting the right balance of content

Getting the right balance of content

Having relevant and recent content for visitors is vital, but have you ever thought about the balance of information that you put on to your website?

Different people will be looking to interact with different forms of content.  Sometimes they may be in the research phase of the decision making process and they’ll be looking for a detailed explanation of a product or a service.  Others may be looking for visual interpretation, whether it be in the form of photos, an infographic or videos for example.

So have a think – what content is on your website? Is it what your visitors are looking for and have you got the right balance?

Video Content

Do your visitors always want to read reams of words? The answer is probably a resounding no and on these occasions video can spice up your content mix.  Make sure you ideally keep them beneath three minutes in length as there is nothing worse than looking at the progress bar and seeing you are less than half way through! Make sure that the content gets to the point early and also has a call to action to maximise your chances of converting the viewer into a customer.

It is worth noting that video doesn’t have to cost the earth these days either! Please do get in touch if you are interesting in creating and using video.


A story told through data and statistics.  This is a visual bonanza that is great for getting across those more obscure and interesting facts that your customers may otherwise not be aware of.  They are great for social sharing and can often, if distributed and handled well, create a buzz around the topic and your brand.  Remember that if you are placing it on other websites you are getting two bites of the cherry – potentially a link back to your website along with a visually engaging graphic.

Also remember to think outside of the box when selecting potential topics for an infographic.  Make sure that they are covering a topic that people are going to be interested in – it shouldn’t all be about your brand.


The bread and butter for many a website, keep the content flowing through your blog section and make sure that you are planning time to produce your content.  Photography here can also be a great sell for all sectors – a magical sunset at a tourist destination, a perfect dessert at a restaurant or an awe inspiring visual of some paintings.  A picture as they say, portrays a thousand words!

Social Sharing

Whatever content you are producing make sure you are sharing it through the right social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.  They offer you great possibilities to not only increase reach but also build dialogue and brand contact points.

Content is as important as ever.  If you would like to find out more about how we can help you plan, create and distribute content to build your web presence then please give us a call or email

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