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Where does Google + fit in?

Where does Google + fit in?

So you already have a Facebook business page, you have a buzzing Twitter account and a well-networked LinkedIn profile.

Where does Google + fit in to this mix, or does it fit at all?

When you look at Google + from a social network market positioning it’s clear it has an early problem and that is a crowded and well-established competition.

Facebook is the ultimate social network so if Google + wants to dip its toes in at the social end of the pool it’s going to find itself with the largest shark in the sea as its direct competition.

The magical ingredient for any social network is critical mass.  If your friends aren’t there then the likelihood is that you won’t be either.  This is something Google+ has struggled to achieve, despite what continue to be reasonably impressive growth statistics in user base.

The second barrier they have is vital elements that supports and encourages repeat engagement is usability.  The majority of people with Google + profiles immediately after set up will tell you the platform is not intuitive.

Massive issue! If it isn’t easy then they have alternatives out there that are!

So lets move toward the business end of the social media sphere.  We’ll come in a little further from LinkedIn and take a look at how it sizes up against Twitter.

Again, the big thing that it lacks is engagement.  The speed and breaking down of social barriers Twitter offers can’t be competed against, even by Zuckerberg and Facebook.

So it’s not as social as Facebook and it’s not as instantaneous as Twitter.

Where does it go?

They’ve adopted two avenues.  The first is integration.  Let’s not play this down; Google is by far the largest thing on the internet and when they launch their own social network they will inevitably harness this strength in size.

So what they are doing is trying to link your social life with your search life.  Make it as easy as possible for you to interact and get to Google + from your search screen to your social screen.  Other nuances are also being adopted to encourage this seamless integration.

The second trick up the Google sleeve is the threat of linking search results to Google + in some way.  To a certain extent they already do this; if you are logged in to your Google account then your search results will be augmented by the views of those in your circles and what they have plus +’d.

But think of the impact that this would have if they took it one step further and showed a true link in general organic search with your Google + profile.

What you’ll have is a potentially tidal serge of businesses joining and actively participating, fearful of the ranking and revenue costs that being left out will have.

So what is our conclusion?

Whilst it may seem that there is no natural room for another social media player in the context of Google +, the biggest boys in school always find their place in the playground.

Google will find theirs – make sure you’re not left outside the school gates!

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