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How many of your LinkedIn connections actually connect with you?

How many of your LinkedIn connections actually connect with you?

How many times do you receive a connection request from someone on LinkedIn, think ah I do know them, I know they are good at their job and I will therefore accept the request.

A connection is made with that person, but what next?

More often than not, the answer is unfortunately nothing.

Have a quick think and work out if you feel like you are missing an opportunity here.  If it is someone you could do business with and they have connected with you have you followed up with a message suggesting you meet up for a coffee?

One message could turn someone you would have otherwise harmlessly moved toward the LinkedIn ether never to be heard from again in to a potential business opportunity.

What other opportunities are out there for you?  If you have a long list of connections that are relevant to you then your news feed should be a long opportunity to create dialogue and to interact with those people.  Have you commented on their articles?  Have you congratulated them on a new piece of work, a job promotion perhaps?

Business relationships thrive on dialogue and LinkedIn is another opportunity for you to get contact points with your business network.  Don’t let them go quietly in the night, never to be heard from again.

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