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How to make sure your content is a success for visitors and for search engines

How to make sure your content is a success for visitors and for search engines

The World Wide Web is a buzz with the sound of content marketing.  But with the Internet awash with so much new content on a daily basis including from your own competitors, how is it that you can make sure that you are creating content that resonates with visitors and stands out from the crowd?

Write for a human being not a search engine

The first point is to write your articles for a human being.  Aim at the people that are going to buy your products and services and not at Google.  Put key word density and anything that of this nature that you think a search engine wants to the back of your mind as if it isn’t what your visitor wants it isn’t going to have the desired effect – namely to get more customers and create engagement.

Artificially stuffing pages full of key words is now very old hat and will do you more harm than good – you need to be thinking about creating content of real quality, which takes us on to the next point.

Make sure what you are writing about has quality

When you are busy it can seem laborious to set aside time to write on your website and update it.  Do bear in mind that what you are writing about should be of good quality; it should be checked for grammar and spelling and also answer something that your visitors want to be answered.

This will take a bit of time but by writing fewer articles of greater quality rather than mass amounts of very short, inaccurate or low quality posts you will gain much more.

Make sure that you place some time in your week aside for producing at least one great article.

Make sure that your content is unique

Google does not like duplicate content.  Neither do your visitors.  Writing very similar articles whilst changing a few words is not a good strategy.  You should also avoid copying other websites content, not only from an intellectual property and plagiarism perspective, but also for your own credibility and brand.

Make sure you are writing about your areas of expertise

If you have an area of expertise or passion then write about this.  If you don’t know about it then don’t write about it.  Writing about something that you are really interested in or that fuels your passion will make your copy far more interesting as that interest and passion will be translated in to your own words.  If you aren’t interested in what you are writing about then you can’t expect others to be on the edge of their seats whilst reading it.

Understand what your visitors want to read about

If your business is a success then you will know who your customers are, what they are interested in and what they would like to hear about.  Use your knowledge to build your content around topics that are really going to engage with your website visitors.  Once you have plenty of great content on your site take a look at your analytics and establish what it is that is working and what is not.  Perception can often be different to reality so you should always ensure that your analytics are backing up your content decisions.

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