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Have you liked the MiHi Digital Facebook Page?

Have you liked the MiHi Digital Facebook Page?

We thought that we would put a short but sweet blog post together giving our Facebook page a little plug.

Facebook is a massive marketplace; it has more than one billion active users per month, which towers above other comparative social networks.  It’s also got a huge reach and pull in the UK; one in three of the population will log in to Facebook on an average day and of those 78% will log on at least once a day.

So what sort of content will you find on our Facebook page?  Well, first thing to say is that like all of the content we produce and provide, it’s aimed at giving you information that we think will be of value.  Despite this slight plug post, there won’t be any hard sales messages coming from our Facebook Page!

The topics we post about range from interesting facts and figures from the internet, social media and digital marketing, to helpful hints and tips to get more from your online presence.  As we are also in one of the most beautiful parts of the country you’ll also find a spattering of stunning photography from around the region.

We make the promise now – we won’t bombard your newsfeed!

We hope to see you on our page soon and if you have any comments or questions on any of our Facebook posts or our blog then please do leave a comment!  We appreciate the feedback and hearing your thoughts and experiences!

If you are looking to set up a business page on Facebook and need some guidance then we do offer training on how to make the most from your page.  Even if you already have a page and are looking to gain more we’ve also got that covered with training on Facebook advertising methods.

Not got the time for all of your social networks?  We can fill in the gaps as and when you need us.  We really do believe that we have all the tools to help your social media presence so no matter what your needs, lets have a chat!

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