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How long should a blog article be?

How long should a blog article be?

There are a few questions we get asked quite a lot and what we try to do is answer as many of those in our blog as we find that if one person is asking it another is probably thinking it!

With the onset of ‘content marketing’ and the importance of having top notch quality content for your visitors to interact with we are being asked more and more about how long a blog article should be.

Now this is a subjective one and there is no definitive word count we can give in answer to this question.  There is unfortunately no magic number.

What we tend to give is a tolerance band; less than 300 words and you are probably going to be slightly light on content.  More than 500 words you might be getting too wordy!

The key here comes back to value to your visitor and the quality of engagement you are gaining with them through your blog post.

If you are hitting a topic or subject that is inherently linked to what they’re interested in, what they’re currently going through or searching for then you might have that leeway in terms of length.

You have that leeway because it is of interest to your visitor.

Think of it this way; if they’re not interested in it they won’t read it.  If they’re interested in it then they will read it but the amount they’ll be willing to read will be dictated by just how interested they are!

So what do you take away from this blog post?

300 – 500 words is a good length for a written blog post but the overall success and length should ultimately be decided by how much value the content is to the visitor.  It needs to be both interesting and engaging!

Make it interesting, relevant and learn from what has been successful in the past and they’ll keep coming back!

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PS This blog post is 364 words long! Thank you for reading and enjoy your blogging!

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