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What makes a Facebook page successful?

What makes a Facebook page successful?

This is a question that I get asked pretty frequently.

Many companies know or feel that they should be on Facebook but they are unsure of what that special ingredient is; the difference between a page thriving and garnering daily likes and a page that just never got off the ground.

The rationale for a company feeling they need to be on Facebook is a compelling one.  For a start it’s the biggest, but does that necessarily mean it’s the best?

The answer to that will depend on the nature of your business more than most other factors.

If you talk to people about their Facebook page it is usually either doing really well, or it isn’t doing as well as they hoped.  The two are polarised and I rarely hear companies saying or feeling that they are somewhere between the two; aside from those that say they have a decent presence but don’t gain any business of course.

So what is it that I feel makes a Facebook page successful?

I’ll begin by saying that Facebook is still very much a social network; more so than for example Twitter or the ultimate B2B networking interface LinkedIn.

With this come social parameters that people will artificially put up.  They separate their business life from their social life and the distinction between the two is often reasonably clear cut.

So how do you get your business page to succeed if there are barriers.  Success potentially lies in the ability of your business to transcend those barriers to the point that you are no longer a business to them, but primarily something of social interest.

Think of clothing, bands and brands that are successful.  They all have a social interest to the Facebook users that are engaging.  Think further; photographers taking pictures of local spots, humerous pages or television programme pages.  They all have an inextricable link; the ability to offer social interest to users.

Those that can’t are often fighting a losing battle.

Think of an international accountancy firm as an example.  Are profit and loss statements or balance sheets something you want to hear about on your Facebook profile?

Probably not.

If you are looking for a graduate position with a firm and they have a page dedicated to life as a graduate are you going to be interested?


The difference?

Engaging social and personal relevance.

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