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Making your website work for your business

Making your website work for your business

We have three half-day courses coming up in Tavistock, which we will be providing as an external trainer for West Devon BIP.

If your business is rurally based and you employ less than 10 full time employees these courses are aimed at helping to provide your business with an online platform from which you can grow and flourish.

The second course, which will focus on making your website work for your business and ranking better in search engines, will be held at the Tavistock Work Hub on Wednesday 29th January from 12:30pm – 4:30pm.

There is a cost of £28 to attend the event.  All bookings and queries should be directed to West Devon BIP at this link:

Here is what the course will be covering:

Making your Website work for your business: Ranking better in search engines 

Google is a massive shop window for your business; 3.5 million searches are made every minute and a number one ranking can get anywhere from 15 – 25% more clicks.  This session will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need in order to start optimising your own website and to get yourself ranked higher on Google.

This session will aim to provide you with:

  1. An understanding of how Google is changing and how you can use these changes to gain a competitive advantage
  2. An overview of how Google ranks your website against your competitors
  3. How to identify the key words your customers are searching for
  4. Steps you can take to improve your ranking for those key phrases and drive business to your website
  5. How to effectively use tools in order to rank better in search engines

We hope to see you at a training course with us soon! If you have any questions or queries regarding our online training courses, including bespoke courses for your business please email or give us a ring on 01566 784860.

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