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Meet our new apprentice!

Meet our new apprentice!

We have welcomed our first apprentice to the MiHi Digital team after 20 months of successful growth.

Amelia Chubb joined us last week after working as a journalist for a locally based newspaper.
Amelia worked in journalism for six years prior to going down the digital marketing route. She was inspired to get into digital marketing after developing an interest in the industry and the way in which businesses can use online marketing to reach new customers.

One of the things Amelia is looking forward to is meeting new and existing clients.
She said: “Having worked with a broad spectrum of people from across Devon and Cornwall, I am looking forward to getting out and about meeting new faces.”

The new role, which is part of a recognised apprenticeship scheme, means Amelia can gain hands-on experience of digital marketing and develop a host of other business skills.
She added: “All websites are different and I am looking forward to learning about how they are put together to form an important element of every business.”

Director of MiHi Digital, Mark Worden said: “It is great to welcome Amelia to the MiHi Digital team; I am sure she will help the business continue to strengthen links with clients and gain new ones.”

Out of work Amelia leads an active lifestyle; she enjoys running, travelling and trying new foods, especially cider – you can be sure to see her buzzing around at local food and drink festivals!

She added: “I love exploring; whether that’s a new place, usually somewhere where the sun is shining, or there’s unusual food and drink. That’s one of the best parts of living in Devon (almost in Cornwall), there are plenty of food and drink festivals selling some of the best local goodies!”

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