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Meet the MiHi Digital Team… Chloé Grayling

Meet the MiHi Digital Team… Chloé Grayling


Our talented little team at MiHi Digital has grown over the past couple of years and although we love working from our cosy homes, it does mean we communicate a lot over the phone or through email. This means we miss out on a lot of face-to-face with you guys!

Our newest member of the team is me! Chloé Grayling. Having lived in the North of England and London for 8 years combined, I have finally realised that home is where the heart is and am now happily back living in Okehampton, Devon. I have a background in Fashion PR, Footwear Marketing, and even Decking and Cladding, but my true love has always been writing about and exploring the Southwest of England. 

Here are 10 facts about me to help you get to know me a little better…

What’s your name and role?

Chloé Grayling, Digital Marketer

When did you join the MiHi Team?

I joined the MiHi Team in October 2023 making me one of the the new kids on the block.

What’s your favourite viral video?

It’s got to be the Zoom “Lawyer-with-a-cat-face-filter” saga! Working from home I spend a lot of my time on Zoom calls, and this just had me howling with laughter. The fact that the other (very serious) members of the meeting kept straight faces throughout gets me every time. 

Touchwood this will never happen to me – but I can’t promise my dog Winnie won’t make a background appearance every once in a while!

“I’m here live, but I’m just not a cat!”

Who’s your number one influencer?

I’m quite into my health and fitness and during lockdown when gyms were closed, @courtneydblack was my saviour. She had me jump squatting across my living room and I’ve never looked back!

What is your office essential?

COFFEE and a fresh bunch of flowers every week.

Where was your best holiday experience?

It has to be snorkelling in Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt on my 30th birthday – it’s honestly like a whole new world under the sea! (cue the Disney karaoke!)        

Top tip for starting out on social media?

Don’t take planning, algorithms or statistics too seriously – whilst it’s important to have a tone of voice to suit the brand you’re working with, it’s also great to let your personality shine through and think about what you would want to see as a consumer.

What would your Mastermind category be?

Poochons (it’s a dog breed, Bichon Frisé x Poodle)

How many followers do you have on your most popular social media account?

Embarrassingly, my dog has more followers than I do at 1,265 – @winnie.thepoochon – she is a model though…

Recommend a great place to eat/drink in the Southwest.

I love a good country walk with my dog Winnie (did I mention her yet?) followed by a Sunday Roast in a cosy pub on a weekend. My all-time favourite place has to be The Three Crowns in Chagford  Their Yorkshire puddings are as big as your head!

if you want to know more about how MiHi Digital can help your business grow, then get in touch with the team!

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