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Meet the team at MiHi Digital… Juliet Sawyer

Meet the team at MiHi Digital… Juliet Sawyer


Our talented little team at MiHi Digital has grown over the past couple of years and although we love working from our cosy homes, it does mean we communicate a lot over the phone or through email. Meaning we miss out on a lot of face-to-face with you guys!

So today we meet the new star of MiHi Digital, Juliet. Our resident climber and list maker, she’s relatively new to the team but has become a vital part of the MiHi family after only a few weeks! So here are 10 vitally important things you MUST know about Juliet…

What’s your name and role?

Juliet Sawyer, Senior Social Media Manager and Content Coordinator

When did you join the MiHi team? 

June 2023

What’s your favourite viral video?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one! I’m going to go with the video of those kids gate-crashing that live news report.

Who’s your number one influencer?

At the moment, I’m loving Amelia Dimoldenberg AKA chicken nugget girl.

What is your office essential?

I always need a pen and paper so I can whip up a good list. But other than that, it’s got to be my cat.

What was your best holiday experience?

I hiked 96 miles across the Scottish highlands with my family and it was absolutely beautiful. My feet were throbbing by the end though.

Top tip for starting out on social media?

There’s a clue in the name but social media is supposed to be social. It’s not about spitting out posts and hoping your people will flock to you. Social media is a two-way thing and a large chunk of your time should be dedicated to chatting, networking and engaging with your community 

What would your mastermind category be?

I know a lot about climbing as that’s my main hobby. Failing that, maybe Shrek.

How many followers do you have on your most popular social media account?

My Instagram account for type 1 diabetics has nearly 6k followers.

Recommend a great place to eat/drink in the southwest?

There’s a great tapas bar in Exeter called Calvo Loco. It’s a small, independent restaurant with a cosy atmosphere and the food is incredible. Make sure you try the chillies!

if you want to know more about how MiHi Digital can help your business grow, then get in touch with the team!

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