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MiHi deliver 30% more traffic for wedding industry client

MiHi deliver 30% more traffic for wedding industry client

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If you’re a wedding venue and you’re on the lookout for a new website, you’ll want to know that as many engaged couples in the area and further afield are going to find you and once they’re on your site, pick up the phone and make a viewing or enquiry.
That’s exactly what our website design is about; getting our clients results.
But everyone says that don’t they?
Yes they do, but we’re happy to say that we’re able to back our claims up with a proven track record in increasing traffic and enquiries for our wedding industry clients.
We were approached by a well-established wedding venue towards the end of last year.  They knew that they needed a new website and they also knew that we worked with a good number of other great venues and suppliers in their industry.
The site was completed toward the end of January, so we now have a good eight months of performance behind us.  The results? Their site is now gaining 33% more traffic than it did in the same period last year; that’s a whopping 1,400 extra visitors and it’s all included in the basic cost of our websites…
Want to know more? No matter if you’re in the wedding industry or any other, we’re able to improve your online performance, help you grow your business and support you along the way.
You can take a look at our work here:

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