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MiHi – Making your emails look great!

MiHi – Making your emails look great!

Most small businesses will use email marketing, and most will usually use Mail Chimp to send them. What’s wrong with that we hear you ask? Well, if I move quickly past the sending of an email for your brand that contains a cartoon monkey in a hat, then I just think they all look…. well… the same. Most of them definitely look the same! And that’s a problem.

Is your brand the same as the butcher up the road, the luxury holiday cottages on the coast, or the divorce lawyer in town? The answer is no, so why should your emails all look very similar? Don’t get me wrong; Mail Chimp has its place, and as it is free or very cheap it’s always going to have a lot of users. But as a rule of thumb in life, are the best things in life free?

When it comes to email marketing around £25 of revenue is gained for every £1 spent in the UK. If you’re not getting a return on your email, chances are you’re not doing it right. So can you afford to spend a little to make it do you justice and as a result, improve the returns you gain?

We’d suggest the answer should be yes.

So what do we mean by better?

Here’s our latest template built for the great people at Equations Voice and Data.

Does it look like anyone else’s? No.

Does it look great? Well I built it so I’m bound to say yes but we’re sure you’ll agree!

Does it get results? Yes.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd then let us know; we’ll introduce you to a new world of email marketing and results!

You can find out more about Equations at:

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