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New Site Launch – PSH Operations

New Site Launch – PSH Operations


With solar capacity in the UK growing hugely over the last decade and with no signs of slowing down, it is more important than ever for those with solar assets to invest in a robust operations and management (O&M) strategy. Something that goes far beyond checking for broken assets on site.   In 2017 two of the UKs most respected O&M providers – Push Energy and PS Renewables joined forces to form PSH Operations.

Managing over 1.6GW of energy across 300 sites, PSH Operations is one of the leading solar O&M providers in the UK. At the heart of what PSH do is a comprehensive, safe and transparent management service ensuring sites are monitored constantly by highly qualified staff ready to respond quickly and effectively to anything that may arise.  Additionally a robust risk management strategy keeps PSH ahead of the curve with what’s going on with your facility at all times – far beyond their rival O&M services in the UK. PSH also boast a separate team to tackle any project or expansion work to ensure the best possible service and absolute minimum downtime across facilities across the country.

Check out PSH Operations new website here

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