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Do you have more than one Facebook admin on your page? It may be time to!

Do you have more than one Facebook admin on your page? It may be time to!


It’s probably something you’d never think of, but do you currently only have one admin on your Facebook business page? If the answer is yes then we recommend adding another.
The reason? Over the past couple months we’ve come across businesses that have lost access to their Facebook page through no fault or action of their own. Whilst Facebook is a seemingly ever-growing behemoth of a company and platform, it isn’t perfect so it can (like anything else) sometimes suffer from the odd technical problem.
What we’ve seen is people no longer being able to access their page. Now think for a moment – what would you do if you couldn’t access your page and post onto it? Is it a palatable thought having to start again from scratch or have to prove that you are who you say you are to Facebook so you can re-take control?
The answer to both of those questions is probably a no – but they are going to be your two options if you can’t get into your page; you either prove you own the business (which can be time consuming and take days or weeks to verify) or you start over again (worse case scenario!).
So the answer is to play it safe – add another admin to your page (even if it’s a family member) and then that person will still be on the page should something go wrong and you lose access. Better for them to reinstate you in seconds than you to go through a long process!
Just make sure it’s someone you trust though!
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