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Online Marketing – What are you trying to achieve?

Online Marketing – What are you trying to achieve?

Understanding what you are trying to achieve and having a plan in place gives you a focus and a better chance of getting there.

If you were going to lose weight you might have a target weight in place along with a plan of action as to how you get to that weight.

Your online activity should be no different.

Why is it you’re doing it?

Many people will spend plenty of time online, updating their website, sharing news on social media and interacting.  But to what end?

Have you ever asked yourself what it is you’re looking to achieve, put a plan in place to achieve it and checked back regularly to see if you’re getting there?

Online goals are often very obvious but they still need writing down and working toward.

Are you looking to reach more people?

The internet opens up new markets for businesses.  If you’re trying to reach new people you otherwise wouldn’t have done with your activity make sure you’re using the right tools and connecting with the right people; the ones that are going to buy from you.

Are you looking to drive sales and revenue?

A common frustration when people enter online marketing is that everything is going to happen immediately; it unfortunately won’t, it will take time.

A single tweet is unlikely to lead to a sale in isolation.  However, building relationships with people that may buy from you will move you further up their buying priorities when they come to need your service or product.

Is it to build better relationships with customers?

If you have customers that will buy your product and then have a long gap between their next purchase, online marketing can be used to strengthen these relationships by creating contact points with your brand.  This can lead to repeat sales.

It may well be a combination of all of the above!

Life isn’t simple so it’s likely you may well be looking to fulfill all of the points above.  In this case it’s even more important you have a clear focus on what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll end up spending more time than you need to without a clear understanding of how or exactly why you are doing it.

Your goals may seem obvious to you but if you don’t have them written down you’ll have less clarity.

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