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Selling online: Quick, easy and mobile. That’s what people want.

Selling online: Quick, easy and mobile. That’s what people want.

An ecommerce website means you’re able to buy items directly from the website itself; think of Amazon as your prime example of this. You go to the website, find what you’re after and bang, it’s at your front door within 24 hours. Perfect (well unless you miss the delivery man and get one of those annoying little notes!)

Plenty of our clients have ecommerce websites; Laurel Farm Herbs, Winkleigh Cider and even RIG Systems sell their wares and services online. What many people might not realise is that nearly half of online purchases made in the UK are now made from a mobile device (that’s a smart phone or an iPad – best add a passcode lock before the kids spend a fortune!).

We take a look at some recent data from Criteo…

The data

Shopping on a mobile is a big deal; it’s getting bigger (it’s gone up 6% year on year) and it’s only going to get bigger. If you’re reading this and your site isn’t already mobile responsive; where have you been! 48.9% of the UK population use smart phones and tablets to purchase everything from everyday items to special gifts.

We’ve gone from instore shopping, to online shopping, to mobile shopping. That’s where we’re currently at. Quick, easy and mobile. That’s what people want.

Whilst 19% of mobile E-commerce shoppers are using iPhones (a 7% increase since last year), 39% are using multiple devices on their shopping journey. This shouldn’t surprise us; research into purchases can often take place on a desktop, a tablet or a phone, with the final decision then made on a completely different device.

What it means for your business is that responsive design is a must; and that means good responsive design that’s pixel perfect for every customer (which isn’t always the case!).

Why is this happening?

Criteo believe that the main reason behind this high percentage is ease of use.

We’ve said it once but it’s worth repeating; Quick, easy and mobile. That’s what people want.

They want the information they need, they want it on their phone and they want to be able to pay as quickly and easily as possible. Question for you is; are you giving them this?

What does this mean for businesses in Devon and Cornwall?

To put it simply, be mobile-friendly.

A lot of people casually browse on their phones, if they come across a site with great products that is simple to use and has an easy purchase method, they’ll be more inclined to buy an item (or two). If someone is browsing, finds some great products but can’t use the website easily they’ll give up quickly and move on – and you’ve lost a sale.

Do you know how much custom you lose from basket to checkout? If not, talk to someone like us who can help you with the analytics!

What you can do

E-commerce isn’t slowing down any time soon, so if you’re not online yet, it’s time to do it. Ensuring that your site is mobile friendly is absolutely vital. It needs to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and have a secure and simple payment system.

Third time lucky; Quick, easy and mobile. That’s what people want.

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