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Times they are changing! How do you interact with information throughout the hours of the day?

Times they are changing! How do you interact with information throughout the hours of the day?

Times they are a changing.  I recently attended a conference at which the Head of Mobile at The Telegraph Newspaper was a keynote speaker.  Now the job title will give you enough of an indication of how things have changed over the past decade as well as what he will have been talking about!

There was one slide that was of particular interest and really got me thinking…

Many have been excited about the potential of smart phones to change the way in which we consume information. They are absolutely right – it has not only changed the goal posts but also reinvented them.  Information at the fingertip and on the move has quickly transcended from defining innovation to everyday expectation.  The sheer volume of people reading this from their smart phone will pay testament to that.

Whilst this mobile marketplace is only going to continue to grow it is the way in which we consume the information around us throughout the day that continues to play a role in the success of a marketing strategy.

Now back to that slide…

It showed how people interacted with The Telegraph Newspaper over the hours of a day.

Early morning had become the domain of the smart phone, allowing a quick check of the newspaper from bed along with a browse of work emails and social networks.

Breakfast and early morning, despite the changing landscape for print magazines and newspapers, was still dominated by the hard copy newspaper.

And skipping forward to the evening? Dominance of tablets and in particular the Apple iPad, with people having more time to explore the internet and consume larger quantities of information.

So why the great interest in this slide?

It was an insight into the way things are changing and although this is a national newspaper these trends are replicated across many different industries.  The way businesses understand how their customers interact with their information is key to success and while a mobile strategy is still a priority, a cross platform approach to information provision must surely be the holy grail of the digital marketing future.

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