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Tourism businesses are beginning to plan – is yours?

Tourism businesses are beginning to plan – is yours?


First of all, I hope that you are well and healthy,

It would be an understatement to say that this hasn’t been the start to the tourism season that we all would have wanted, but after several months of lockdown, there are signs that things may be eased in the coming months.

As you may already know, we work with some of the best tourism and hospitality businesses across the South West (more than 100 of them are award winning on a county, regional or national level) – we’re also beginning to work with more and more destinations and visitor attractions too.

With that in mind we know that it’s sometimes good to get an idea of what others are doing and what you could or should be doing online for your own tourism business. Here’s our update…

What are other tourism businesses doing?

In the past three weeks to a month there has definitely been a spike in tourism businesses preparing for a possible easing of lockdown. Whilst online activity was largely put on hold during March and April, May has seen a lot of hospitality businesses approaching us to get a plan in place for when they’re ready to open.

This planning is largely involving social media, PPC advertising, email marketing and website design. They want to be in a place that when they’re able to open, they know what to do and when in order to get the bookings they need.

They also want to know how best to communicate the measures they’re taking to ensure guest health and safety, as well as that their tone is going to be spot on for the circumstances.

Why are they doing this now?

Although we’re not yet in a position to welcome people to our beautiful part of the country, the best businesses we work with are always prepared. So, whilst they’re not actively attracting new guests at the moment, they want to be in a position to do so when we all know it is safe – whether that’s on 4th July, later in the summer or further down the line.

What should you be doing?

If you don’t have a clear plan in mind on what you’re going to be saying, doing and implementing when you’re able to welcome guests in the future then it’s worth having a no obligation chat with us. We’ll point you in the right direction, and if you’ve spoken with me before, you’ll definitely know that I’m not going to suggest you do anything just for the sake of it!

To start getting your plans in place give the office a call on 01566 232323 and ask for Mark Worden.

For more information on our tourism services click here.

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