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Twitter announces extension of geo-targeting options for Twitter Advertising

Twitter announces extension of geo-targeting options for Twitter Advertising

If there was one thing that really annoyed us about Twitter advertising it was the lack of geo-targeting ability in the United Kingdom.
If you wanted to target Twitter accounts in a certain location your options were extremely limited.  You couldn’t, for example only target accounts in the South West of England.
We’re glad to think we weren’t the only ones crying out for this to be improved as we’ve just had an email through from Twitter saying they have now extended the ability for businesses like yours to target new followers and potential customers within your regional geography.
Here it is what Twitter had to say:

“Want to start selling cricket bats to Yorkshire or running a competition for the South West? Then you’re in luck! We’re excited to announce the introduction of 9 new geo-targeting regions in the UK.

You now have the ability to target the following locations: North West England, Yorkshire and The Humber, East England, West Midlands, South East England, South West England, North East England and the East Midlands.

As well as all of the oldies: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool-Manchester.

The ‘oldies’ as they call them were previously the problem; they offered little or no geographical targeting for this part of the world.
This development, whilst still a considerable way behind the likes of Google PPC and Facebook Advertising in terms of targeting on the basis of geography is certainly a welcome development and one that will further open up opportunities for businesses to utilise Twitter advertising to their benefit in the future.
We hope this is just the beginning!
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