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Where does your wedding budget go?

Where does your wedding budget go?

We’ve been taking a look at what each of us spend our wedding budget on with an exclusive wedding venue in Cornwall. Launcells Barton, which have been opening their doors to happy couples since the start of the year, offers the bridal party boutique accommodation in a lovingly restored country house and provides the perfect setting for both your wedding ceremony and reception – seating parties of up to 200.
So what do people across the UK spend their budget on when it comes to the most special day of their lives?
1. 50% finding and securing the perfect venue.
2. 8 – 10% on dressing the bridal party.
3. 8 – 10% on the flowers.
4. 8 – 10% on the photographer.
5. 5 – 10% on the ring.
6. 5% contingency for those unexpected bits and bobs.
7. 3% on food and alcohol.
8. 2 – 3% on inviting guests.
9. 2 – 3% on travelling to and from the venue in style.
10. 2 – 3% on the ceremonials.
11. 2 – 3% on wedding gifts.
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